Thursday, March 29, 2007

TenGooz Live in Adelaide

Hello loyal legions of TenGoophiles! Or should I say G'day?

We finally have a day off,so I have a bit of time to fill in on whats been going on. The band arrived safely,but groggy after the long flight.I had arrived two days earlier,and had been on the radio with Sue,3d radios super dj and allround wonder person.Thanks to Sue and Ross, weve really felt at home here and Ross"s extensive knowledge of local history and lore have helped to give me a deeper understanding of this beaytiful city.
There were beautiful TenGooz posters put up around the city, some designed by Brett and some by Jon,so when the guys arrived they felt quite welcome.
Our town house is very comfortable and I would even say palatial by Japanese standards, situated in a lovely,quiet suburb surrounded by stately eucalyptus trees. Ross made Jon very happy by bringing over his barbecue set, which has already been put to extensive use.
Our first gigs went down at the Wheatsheaf,a great venue with a fantastic clientele. Our three shows went over real well and we couldnt have hoped for a better response, though we could have hoped for more people.
On Saturday night we had everybody dancing and even got some people shakin it up on Suday afternoon.

A review appeared in the largest Adelaide paper with a 4 star rating and adulatory praise.

We still have 2 more shows to go! I have lots more to tell, but I will be back with more blogging on Friday!

Stay Grounded in Groove


Friday, March 23, 2007

3d Radio in Adelaide!

Last weekends St Patricks Day gig turned into Saturday Night Fever once again, as luck would have it,as I came down with flu-like symptoms just before a big show. Somehow,with the help of the band and some friends I made it through and the night was not that bad considering the conditions.
Jon soared to new heighs with his songs taking things all the way to 11 and even though Kenya had to go home early, the hornless TenGooz pulled it off.
Right now, Im in Adelaide and I just finished an exciting interview on Sue and Peters world music show. 3d radio, here in Adelaide is a really impressive set up of which Id like to write more about later. It is what a radio station SHOULD be, and if I were living in these parts I would always be tuned in. I will try to get a recording of the show online.Sue played Stranger, Innishmoore,The Chills, Mio Mine and Backwards peeker. I added lots of comments.Thanks Sue and Peter!
The rest of the guys will be getting in the day after tomorrow!