Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Marathon Michael !

Hello , TenGoophiles everywhere ! I hope that all fares well with you.
We have been getting little rest these days practicing , composing,recording and performing. Michael got a chance to leap directly into the Japanese livehouse scene, joining up with Kin-Chan , A-Chan and the other members of Twisters for an all-day sunday musical bonanza which was held in an establishment called Country.
Ten bands played. twisters were on last, and hand to be there before the start for rehearsal, giving our buddies the chance to enjoy all the acts! Michael looked a bit gaunt when I showed up at 9pm and they were just about to go on.
Despite the ling wait the guys and gals of Twister put on a great show, which was followed by the post event party! It goes without saying that michael was a tad tired for the next days TenGooz practice.
Remember-this Saturday night at Spitfire!!!

Sunday, November 04, 2007

TenGooz @ Hot Stuff

It was a cool autumn night outside. it the comfortable confines of Hot Stuff,though, it was a sultry summer night as the heat was turned up by Hase g, a-chan,kin-chan, Michael Frei and myself, as we were joined by a very special guest, Jean, of the Bang Boys.

The place was packed and spirits were high throughout our 3 sets.kin chan played the crowd beautifully and the Frei fans were out in abundance. Hase -G treated us with the seemingly impossible-flamenco bass! yes, thats right!

I dont think it has ever been done before. If ANYONE has seen or heard it before,please let me know.
Thanks to all of you who were there to make it an extra special evening.

Friday, November 02, 2007

Ohtani-San helps us lay down Smile!

It's great to be back in the studio again ! Especially with the skillfull engineering of Ohtani-San who is giving us a sound. hase g and A-Chan laid down the drums and bass and then put down the vocal. Michael finished things off with his sax. Now there remains the mix down and the possible addition of embellishments here and there.

The lyrics

Feels like i've met you before somewhere
another place another time
Now I've forgotten all my cares
and Im thinkin thoughts sublime

just like a zen satori
there came a flash to me
you're not only my present but my future and my history

I know it mgiht sound funny
but no matter where you flee
there's no way that you can run away from destiny

I was running crazed down a lonley road
but what seems like a million miles
but that life is all over now
and I sit 'n watch you smile

I'm learning to love again...

See you Saturday night at Hot Stuff

Avi Landau