Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Works On Paper- Thomas` Latest Exhibition, Opened Today!

Tengoophiles are naturally familiar with (and LOVE) Thomas Mayers` work on the guitar.
For a more complete understanding of Thomas the artist and the man, you had best have a good look at his latest
paintings, now on exhibit in Ushiku ( through Oct. 11). I have written more about it all at tsukblog:


Tengooz fans (or anyone else), shouldnt miss it!

Thomas Mayers Shows His New Works

TenGooz Flashback-Interview on Radio Adelaide

after recieving glowing reviews in the local press we were invited for an interview at
Radio Adelaide. In this picture are trombonist EXTRAORDINNAIRE Sagara Kenya and guitarist ( with the Tengooz, Xenophonia, Geronimo,
The Brown Hornet etc) Ascelin Gordon. I (Avi Landau),took the picture!


Friday, September 25, 2009

Suspicious sawed-off branch found among the debris of a fallen goshawk nest in NAKANE KONDADAI

Tragedies Of Nakane Kondadai Woods and Lake Kasumigaura Bird Killing Nets Linked By WBS of Japan Involvement

The tragedy of Nakane Kondadai is just starting to get the attention it well deserves.
Despite the presence of VALUABLE ARCHAEOLOGICAL SITES representing various major periods of Japanese pre-history and early history,and despite the presence of nesting goshawks (a protected species),the chairman of the Nakane Kondadai
Development Association ( and one of the area major landowners) has been fighting to push approval of the project through. This means that for an American suburban style housing development, which is being heralded ( to push prices up, of course) as GREEN DEVELOPMENT,huge tracts (by Japanese standards) of forest and meadow will be
cut down and paved over.
How did the the Kamizakai landlord get around the proven presence of the protected Goshawks? He did what any developer or businessman with bird protection law troubles has would do- call the Wild Bird Society of Japans Ibaraki Prefecture Director!

For a fee he will play the role of FIXER, and make sure the project passes through- never mind what happens to the birds.
The thousands of water birds ( and a few birds of prey, as well) who starve after being ensnared by the wing or foot in Kasumigaura`s nets are a testiment to his work.

Any one who complains to the authories or organizations such as the WWF are immediately referred to the Wild Bird Society, where Mr Ikeno, our villain, is quick to answer that THERE IS NO PROBLEM BECAUSE HE IS LOOKING INTO THE ISSUE! Well, he never did release the results of any study- he just hoped that no one would raise a voice.
Fortunately for the birds- the media is now starting to take notice.
Here are two articles, one from the Japan Times and the other- Metropolis, which are helping to let people know what is really going on.



Lets keep the articles coming and let the world know what is going on!

Avi Landau

Monday, September 21, 2009

Thomas Mayers Makes Music For Dance Event

The TenGooz multi-talented guitarist is making the music for a dance event to be held in Chiyoda-Village this month.
Check out one of the rehearsals here:


Friday, September 11, 2009

Old TenGooz Video Clip URL

Oops ! I forgot to give you the URL for the clips I mentioned
below. Here it is:

Old TenGooz Video Clips!

Greetings TenGoophiles where`re ye be!
I was just sent a link to a site with some VERY OLD TenGooz
video clips. They are of interest because as you watch them you realize the lyrics, which you have all grown to love so well, had not yet been set at that time
and Im just improvising most of the time. This practice session was taken at Jon`s old SOUNDPROOF room. Sure brings back memories.

for more of my recent writings check


Avi Landau

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