Monday, February 21, 2005

Back Up-Over!

I made it back to Japan with all the bumps and bruises accumulated over 11 gigs in ten days in Adelaide Australia,
as part of the world famous Fringe Festival. Kenya flew back a day earlier, and HOPEFULLY Hase G, Tanaka and Jon will make it back tonight. I have my fingers crossed!
We wuold like to thank all those who befriended and supprted us, especially Sue and Ross, who we will miss very much.Thank you to our supportive audiences foryour warm and enthusiastic encouragement. You made travelling the thousands of miles and the gruelling daily gigswell worth it. A very special thanks to Dr Ascelin Gordon who came out to spend some time with us and honoring us by playing with us on a few songs each night he was with us.Thanks to Tim at radio Adelaide for his warmthand kindness while hosting us on his radio show,and to the fringe reviewer John McBeath for his article on ourshows.
Another big thanks to Dush and Otto for having us on as the house band of the Fringe Club Cabaret,an experience we are not likely to forget.
All in all, it was a wondeful experience for us and we arelookingf forward to getting back Down-Under real soon!