Thursday, May 03, 2007

Spring Fever in Tsukuba!

Happy spring, ye legions of loyal TenGoophiles! And a happy autumn to to all of you who are Down-Under! Thanks to all those who came out last Saturday night for our spring fever gig. We were ecstatic to have good friends come from afar! It was a real picker-upper to have Ertla and Elin from Iceland it made the evening very special indeed for me,with memories rushing back in torrents! Kuhara, our original bassist also showed up unexpectedly and I cant help but admit that I was ecstatic to see him. We started off slow,as we did in Australia,with Saudade, The Chills, Perfect Wave etc.... and grew progressively into our final frenzied set. It was nice to once again have such a wild crowd! Thanks for all the support! We will be recording this month and I hope to lay down Delirious, SunDance Walt`s Waltz, Beefcake,1,2,3 etc. In my extra musical life, I have been actively trying to save migrating water birds which become entangled in nets set up by farmers to protect their lotus root crops. Thousands of our feathered friends die a cruel and humiliating death as they try to take a rest during their gruelling journey. It's a pity that the beautiful coutryside scenery around lake kasumigaura has to be defiled by such horrific images. I will be writing an article soon with more details in an effort to have these nets taken down. The picture Im posting is a typical Koi Nobori ,or Carp Streamer Set, the festive decoration for the month of May. Families with sons, raise these fish flags in hope that their boys will grow to be brave and strong, with pleny of fighting spirit.