Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Lyrics to The Tengooz song : Final Door

The song Final Door is yet another work which evolved out of a series of Hase G (Nodoka Hasegawa) bass riffs.
In both rehearsals and live performances we all felt the song was special and were excited about recording it, especially the very funky third section which now has the sax solo over it.

When we did final record the song and put it online (at Jamendo), none of us was really satisfied ( and we still aren`t), especially with regard to my vocals which I surely MUST redo or at least try to work out something with the mix or effects.

As another way of improving the song were lucky (and honored) to have Mario put a keyboard track over it. You can hear that version on the Tengooz myspace site.

Anyway here are the lyrics to the song:

Final Door

In the darkness color bursts upon me

music in the snores

I enter a multi-chambered palace

which each night I explore

Going through it- room by room

each nook and cranny

I start on the ground floor

But I never grasped its deepest secret

Thats until I reached that final door

Wisemen, mystics, poets,

all the dauntless seekers

of what`s at the core

Some scoured books, sought teachers,

or set out to travel distant shores

Each one made his way into the palace

I mentioned before

Hungering, yearning, for that deepest secret

that they`ll find when they open that FINAL DOOR


Avi Landau 2010