Tuesday, January 11, 2011

RUNNING- The TenGooz (Xenophonia) Song that started it all

One night Ascelin Gordon of Melbourne Australia and Tom Debor of Pittsburgh, USA came over to my house in Tsukuba, which is affectionately and very justifiably known as the ICE PALACE.]

Tom played a bass line, Ascelin joined in on guitar, and then I joined in with an improvised lyric.
We knew we were onto something right away and the song eventually became a staple of our repetoire and a fan favorite with everyone running about the venue whenever we hit the chorus,

I guess the songs greatest moments were when Xenophonia turned to The TenGooz and we had Sagara Kenya on Trombone and Dr Ryutaro Kawakami on sax going head to head with Tanaka on the guitar.

Here are the lyrics:


For days on end I had been cooped up in my room
My head enshrouded in dark clouds of gloom
The anguish that I felt
Was beyond description
Until my friend,my doctor,
Filled out a prescription

And I'm running
Running down the street

Blisters tear my feet
And you're not gonna catch me
No you're never gonna snatch me
You're not ever gonna nab me
I don't think you're ever gonna grab me
I've gone far away
Sprinting all the way down Broadway

Up North in Tokyo Town the skies were dark and gray
And just like the wind-blown trash
My mind was in disarray
My woman I know she loves me but she driving me insane
So I bought a ticket and I boarded that jet plane

And I'm running
Running on the beach
Hot sand burns my feets


And we are running
Running in the driving rain
Blood pulsing in our veins
Running till we fade away

Lyrics by Avi Landau

Listen to the Tengooz perform the song in this one-take recording: