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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Revisiting a TenGooz classic- Picture Perfect

Fumi Tanaka had come up with a groovy chord progression. Strangely,
I was reminded of a song ( our original, though now forgotten and unrecorded) which I used to perform at Xenophonia gigs with Ascelin Gordon and company.
Anyway, using that recycled melody ( and mood) as a base, we fashioned a song ( which includes Hase G, our bassist, on the stell drums!)which I think is one of the Tengooz best.
Certainly , it has some of the lyrics that Im most satisfied with.interpret them as you may!


We feel the cool breeze
Skim the turquois waters
We got these tall drinks
That we are nursing in our hands

You've grown so beautiful
In the clothes bought you
You speak the French I taught you
Yeah,its picture perfect right

But under the facade my mind is racing
And my guilts a heavy load
And I hope to god that in my pocket
My cell phone is set to manner mode

And we'll drive off
In our rented Porsche convertible
Yes,im gonna show you round the whole wide world
We'll do it picture perfect right

And we'll pull up soon
To that famous five-star restaurant
Go ahead,order anything you want
Just make it picture perfect right

I always do my best to make you happy
And I work hard for our plans
But though you look so blissfull now
One day the shit might hit the fan

And we'll head back
To our ocean view hotel suite
You know,booking it was no small feat,
But its picture perfect right

And soon we'll go on back
We'll show the pictures that we've taken
There will be no mistaking
That you have a good life

When we get back home you'll
Have your stories to enliven others lives
But I'll be waitng sweating pacing
Till the Amex bill arrives

And we'll soon fall back into our old routine
But things aren't really as they seem
They seem picture perfect right

Music by Fumi Tanaka, Avi Landau and Ascelin Gordon
Arranged by the TenGooz

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