Monday, August 20, 2007

TenGooz- G Whizz at the Ninomiya Festival

Hello out there in TenGooland! I have so much to report and have certainly been delinquent in my blog-writing duties! First let me tell you about G Whizz and our latest gig. A few weeks ago,
my buddy Rick Weisburd emailed me about a German researcher who had recently arrived in Tsukuba who looking for musicians to jam with.
Well I sent Sax player Michael Frei a message, and we ended up getting together. There was good chemistry right from the start and we started working on some of Hase G`s new material. Michael, who is a rice researcher,has vast musical experience and has a lot of contagious enthusiasm. He talked us into signing up for his residences summer festival entertainment roster and we put together a short set. TenGooz drummer Jon has been unavailable this summer,so Hase G called an old musical partner Yazawa A-Chan, originally from Osaka. We worked on 3 new Hase G songs, 2 covers , and then Perfect Wave and Saudade.

The festival was much bigger than we expected with a very large international crowd. The parking attendants had us on the vip list as G Whizz, which is what we were for the night and we also had a nice dressing room. Michael played beautifully,giving his neighbors a taste of what he can do on his horn.A-chan was in the groove too! Another special aspect of the night was arrival of our long time supporter and very special Hase G fan, Tess,who flew in from Shiga for the show.

Thanks alot for coming and we hope to see alot more of you. A special thanks to the staff of the festival for their very warm hospitality. Also thanks to Michael for everything! I promise I will write soon.

Avi Landau