Sunday, November 22, 2009

A Visit to Chikusei City ( formerly Shimodate) brings back memories of our old song

Everything passe. Everything changes. In Japan , over the last few years, as a part of a general
RESTRUCTURING, many PLACE NAMES have even been changed. This is quite frustrating, as it took me a while to master the KANJI of all of the local
towns and cities, and when I finally did, they went ahead and changed them all!
Anyway, the other day I found myself in Chikusei City, which used to be Shimodate ( 下館), which was the subject of a song, of the same title, written by Tom Debor,
Ascelin Gordon, and myself ( Avi Landau), when we still Xenophonia, the ancestor of the TenGooz.

You see, Tom used to live way out in Shimodate, and this song was conceived by him during the long drive back home. Tom, in fact, wrote the lyrics and the music to the A pattern of the song, while Ascelin and I created the rest.

We recorded the song in the tatami room of my house in Konda, with Ryutaro Kawakami on the sax.

Have a listen here

Thursday, November 12, 2009