Friday, June 26, 2009

Beach Bossa Nova- A Song On The TenGooz G-strings Album

Though we recorded Beach Bossa Nova just this year, it has been with us for a long time.
Hase G ( Nodoka Hasegawa ) had come up with and been playing the bass part, in almost its exact present form even before our second Australian tour 2 years ago. I think that the vocal melody line, too, goes way back to that time, as what G played almost instantly clicked with me.
Obviously it took a long time for everything to come together with this piece, but I think that all of us who have been living with it for the past two years or so have grown to love it.
It goes without saying that without Michael Frei`s saxual instincts and Thomas Mayers inspired guitar playing things wouldnt have worked out as well as they did.

I'm embarrassed to say it, but for two years I had always improvised lyrics during live performances. It was only when we went into studio that I set down these words inspired by memories of camping out on the beach in the Sinai Peninsula in Egypt.

As you can imagine we DO play this song during our beachside gigs at Nalu`s Toybox

Here are the lyrics

Beach Bossa Nova

Ship shape silhouette sunrise shimmers
on a Red Sea Holiday

your eyes, the surf and sand were all light blue

Sitting on the sandy shore I tap you
as the Bossa nova Plays
pass one earphone to you

IM Taiti Lo Ratziti (If I erred, its not that I wanted to
Ze Lo Het Lishol Its not a sin to ask)

Gam raglaich (my feet and my hands are fidgetting in the sand)
gam yadaich
mistabchim bachol

Lo chashsavti (I didnt think that when I loved I would go for a fall)
az ksheahavti
sh ani yipol

histovavti hishtivavti ( I have wandered around and fooled around
Halomot la hol and all my dreams have come to dust)

Avi Landau

Neji-Bana in Tsukuba

Nejibana at Tsukuba U

You Screwy Flower!

The summer greenery is overpowering. Big-blossomed, brightly colored flowers abound. Summer fashions are often eye-catching (or almost get your eyes pop out of your head!) . That is why it takes a little extra effort to notice the little, sometimes wondrous, details which are often right at our very feet.
In June and July, check the patches of grass along sidewalks or bordering parking lots, office buildings, etc., and you might very well find the very small, yet enchanting NEJIBANA (screw-flower, as translated directly) which derives its name from its unique shape.

The spiral can be clock-wise or counter-clockwise- Isn't the world amazing! I took this picture just beside the police station at the TX Tsukuba Center Station.

Remember , while you're taking in the big picture, stop and check for the usually unnoticed details.

Avi Landau

The Tengooz