Monday, December 19, 2005

Radio,recording,mixing,hot springs and shrines

Greetings TenGoophiles! My deepest apologies for not having written the blog in SO long. i hope that all of you are doing well wherever you might might be and thanks so much for your support.
As many of you know, Jon and I went up to Mito (the capital of Ibaraki Prefecture) to record a radio show.We had a great time doing it and are planning to go do it again soon.The band also has recorded 2 new songs, Clear skies and wish you...
On Saturday the 17th, I did the final mix down with Go, our engineer for the song.We hope to get the new version on-line soon.another important happening was that Jon and Mickey finished setting up Jon's home studio and we put it to quick use by recording our Christmas song Wish you...though we still have to practice using the equipment, the new studio set up should mean a lot more recordings.

Personally, I have also been doing a lot of travelling in the past month, with the highlights being Bessho Hot springs and Togakushi in Nagano on one trip and then Nasu Hot springs in Tochigi on another.

Maybe the most exciting news of late has been our joining jamendo, a French music sharing website.getting encouraging comments from Europe was a big lift for us.

Sorry for the lack of blogging and for the extreme brevity of this entry(Im sorry the the absence of any interesting details) but it is so cold in my computer room that I wanna get out of here as soon as possible!
I promise to be better!
All the best