Sunday, January 14, 2007

Looong practice-new songs!!

Hey, all you TenGoophiles out there! This is Avi Landau blogging here at the Ice Palace. The TenGooz have just
finished a refreshing 4 hour song writing session,working on plenty of new material for upcomming gigs.
Kenya took charge of a song which he has composed, and i just have to come up with some good lyrics(pressure!)
but it sounded real good tonight and we are excited about it.
HaseG has concieved of an African inspired piece which we will be working on and he also played sone original works which he plans to play solo in concert. Thats something for everyone to look forward to!
we spent the last hour reviewing songs we havent played in while and have never recorded(as theTenGooz).
Lots of you might remember
Best of me
Passion fruit
and Jons song-I dont mind.
We should have a completely different set the next time you catch us. We are getting ready for Hawaii-departure is Thursday! Hope to get a rehearsal in on Wednesday night!
nighty night everyone
Avi Landau

Sunday, January 07, 2007

Happy New Year, akemashite omedeto!

Happy Year,all ye Tengoophiles and Tengoomaniacs!
We wish you all a great 2007 ! As ive done for the past 3 yearsI spent New Years Eve at a local temple where the priest spends about 30 minutes building up a fire using an assortment of mysterious ingredients. We were then purified by the smoke which we applied to parts of our body which we deem need purification.
Last night haseG, Tanaka and I got together for a 3 hour practice and we had a chance to work on some more new material. We also practiced Autophilia, a song that Ascelin and I dished up a few years ago, in order to work it into
some upcoming TenGooz gigs.
Thanks alot,all you people who enjoyed our Christmas song.We hope to get a better recording of that done real soon.
We look forward to seeing you at some gigs this year,
especially at the Adelaide Fringe Festival in March.