Sunday, October 14, 2007

On Fire at Spitfire!!!

Spitfire was on fire tonight!
The TenGooz were fanning the flames with special guest Kinchan on guitar and Hassan,fromNigeria on percussion. With just a lttle practice just before the gig Kinchan drove the crowd wild with his spirited and skillful guitarations. Hassan added lots of good sound and atmosphere on the dance numbers. We played 4 sets. Dance,slow,dance and then dance again! Thanks,as usual to all those who turned out for the show and to Chris and Taka.

We will be back at the Spit on November 17th with lots more song and a more refined version of our new African sound.
Sweet dreams
Avi Landau Tsukuba Japan

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

New York and Phillie, Maia Cabeza plays Carnegie Hall !

Hi,all ! I am back in Japan offering you these nocturnal jet-lag induced scribblings.

After arriving in NY on the 24 of September, the next evening I met Alma and Roberto, my dear old friends,originally from Argentina but long term residents(and big time musos) in Tsukuba,who now reside in both Raleigh, North Carolina(Roberto is a Prof at Duke) and Philadelphia(Alma teaches at U. of P).
We had arranged to meet at Carnegie Hall, because their daughter Maia,who is like a niece to me( I played with her everyday when she was a baby)was playing the violin at that most famous of venues! It goes without saying that it was a thrill to see her on stage, as even in her early teens she has great charisma and seems to become MUSIC ITSELF when she performs.

On the following weekend we went out to Philadelphia where the Cabeza`s showed us around. It was perfect timing weather-wise and maybe a little too hot for rambling the old colonial streets.
It was also memorable to be there as the Phillies finished their amazing come from behind theft of first place from the Mets.
I will never forget the audible cry of victory resonating from peoples homes when the final out was made.

The TenGooz have started recording while I was away and we have a gig coming up this Saturday. Hope to see you there!