Saturday, May 14, 2011

New TenGooz Song? on Utube

Just about every time the Tengooz get together we come up with
new material.
I had been in New York for a week and had just gotten back to my eathquake damaged place in Tsukuba when HaseG,
The TenGooz singular bassist, popped over with his bass and synthesizers.

Sitting among the boxes and debris ( you can see the tv and computer on the floor so that that dont get thrown around by aftershocks),

G started to by something reminiscent of folk blues- on his bass!

I improvised a melody ( and some embarrassingly half-baked lyrics) with which we felt we captured the mood of these times- grim, yet hopefull.

We had a video recorder running, so you can hear the new piece, which will of course be transformed into something better ( especially lyrically),when we effectually record it in earnest.