Sunday, February 18, 2007

Stevie Wonder in Saitama,prepping for Adelaide

Hello out there all you Tengoomaniacs! Greetings from Avi! Last night was a special experience for me,as I was able to soak in the energy exuding from one of the great musical figures of our lifetimes. The Saitama arena was packed(as you might imagine) with reverant fans.Despite his age and excess heft, Stevie did his best to please the adoring crowd.
I was trying to inhale some of his vibes as he showed that none of his vocal virtuosity has been lost and neither has he lost any of his magic.
The back-up band however was lacking in presence and the sound system was disappointing.The greatest moment for me was after the show when Mai-chan an 11 year old tengoo fan said-This wasnt as much fun as the tengooz in Kasama!
This next week is gonna be hectic,as we have got to get the publicity material ready for our trip to adelaide.
Wish us luck!
Avi Landau

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Kick-Ass Brass!!

Hello, Tengoophiles! Avi here!
After a week of Hawaii`s magic, I have been feeling extra stimulated and chomping on the bit to get back on stage. Unfortunately, with Jon now living in the big city,we are having a little trouble scheduling things.anyway, we were back last night, with a bang, though Jon was under the weather in a very bad way, regurgitating his fish and chips between the 2nd and 3rd sets and necessitating an early cessation of the evenings festivities.
Showing his KONJO (fighting spirit), he did a great job of drumming and singing despite his flu.
I would have to say that the high point of the evening was when Dr. Sax, Dr. sax, Kawakami Ryutaro showed up with his sax and joind kenya to make up a FORMIDABLE brass section! Ryutaro stayed on for one set, playing Running, Stranger, Bailar, and Vonja Vonja. The crowd showed its appreciation,howling, and whistling.
Thanks Ryutaro!
It was great to see lots of friends come out and we also made lots of fresh acquaintance.
We will be back soon with some polished up new material and begin rehearsals for our trip to Adelaide!
Good bye all!
Avi landau