Thursday, March 26, 2009

Saturday, March 21, 2009

The TenGooz at Frog- Avi , A-Chan and Thomas

Jon in a movie !

The TenGooz very own Jon Hicks alive, very well, and still doing his thing- now on the silver screen!

Though born and raised in Nashville, the heart of the country music world,
The TenGooz original drummer and Tengoo For Life Jon Hicks is Rock and Roll
incarnate. While he was playing with us, he was not only invaluable for his song-writing and arranging contributions, but he
help us play some gigs that more than a few people might not ever forget, literally whipping crowds up into a frenzy with his singing and drumming.

Unfortunately, after our second Australian tour, Jon had to move to Tokyo, leaving an unhealed wound in the TenGooz soul.
We have been forging on, as you know, but many of our fans wonder what happened to Jon. In fact a Yahoo Japan search of Tengooz will ask you if you were searching for
tengooz jon!

Well... the other day I got an email from our old friend asking when he could drop by, and we arranged for a short meeting last Wednesday night, Seeing him brought back a flood of memories, old the gigs, recording sessions, road trips, and all the rehearsals we used to have at his
sound-proofed MANSION.

Anyway, Id like to tell all you TenGophiles Jon looks great and is still doing his thing-based in Tokyo with a band called The Dirty T`s who you can catch at various venues in Tokyo. This winter they were hired by the Hilton Hotel in Hokkaido to be the house band. Resort room, food , snow-boarding,
and rock n` roll everday- Jon Heaven!

Another exciting bit of news- Jon we be strutting his stuff on the silver screen in a soon to be released motion picture- more details when I get them!

Thats all for now

Dont forget to check out our new album- G-String

Avi Landau

Sunday, March 15, 2009

In the GROOVE at FROG in Tsukuba!

Thomas had predicted a great gig, but at 9:30pm on the night of our scheduled LIVE at FROG in Tsukuba
it seemed as if our guitarists prophetic powers had failed him this time.
In fact, it seemed as if The Tengooz had hit ROCK BOTTOM. The problem was that Kawamura-San, the establishments proprietor,
had not yet shown up, and we were left out side the locked door is grubby basement corridor, with a mysterious large block of melting ice.

Other musicians might have felt that it was time to throw in the towel. But not the TenGooz! We know that to be GREAT you have to suffer like JOB,
and we took it in stride, or should I say we let it slide!

When the door was finally opened and we set up, Thomas earlier prediction actually came true.
The Five TenGooz become a single throbbing organic organism, in tune with the universe.

It goes without saying that we had a BLAST!

And, believe it or not, we have alot of new material just begging to be recorded!

Keep grounded in groove

Avi Landau

Friday, March 13, 2009

Thursday, March 05, 2009

Too much Information !

Greeting TenGoophiles!
I am happy to announce that the new, long awaited TenGooz tracks are now
available on-line at Jamendo.

Let me tell you first about the first track. Well, like most of our latest songs, this one began which a Hase G (Nodoka Hasegawa) bass riff that we all liked.It was one of the batch we had come up with just after we came back from our second Australian tour.
I is, as usual for a G-riff, very funky. I decided to make the song about drowning in a flood of information, because that is what I have been experincing more and more as we head on into the age of computers and the internet.
Lyrically, I then decided to explore other ways that the expression-Too Much Information can be used in English.

To tell the truth,however, I was very slow coming up with the full lyrics and while at gigs and rehearsals the guys had worked out the great arrangemnets and solos that you can now hear. The full text was only finished in the studio while we were recording.

Here are the lyrics-

Too Much Information

Ive got books and magazines piled high up to the ceiling
but Im ordering some more with their covers so appealling
Got 900 channels Im surfing through on my sattellite TV

There are sites in cyberspace tell ya how to build a rocket
got a set o` `cyclopedias that fit inside my pocket
I spend half the day just clearing spam from my email inbox tray

Somebody help cause there`s too much information round me
Feels like Im gonna drown
My mind is frayed by all this overstimulation I say
We`ve got to simplify down!

Got an on-line cd store carries 20 million titles
I just ordered me some grunge and some classical recitals
It would take two years just to hear the disks that
Ive got up in my room

Besides the journalists now weve got the blogger minions
Ive been staying up all night scrolling through all their opinions
but there is just so much the human mind is able to consume

Somebody help cause there`s too much information round me
Feels like Im gonna drown
My mind is frayed by all this overstimulation I say
Weve got to simplify down!

Whatever happened to the ancient arts of conversation
now it`s talk of body functions and bedroom revelations
Everyones airing their dirty laundry out for the whole wide world to see

And the scientists explain all the chemical reactions that make us love and hate
give us fear and satisfaction
now weve got cold equations stead of WONDEROUS MYSTERY

Somebody help cause there`s too much information round me
Feels like Im gonna drown
My mind is frayed by all this overstimulation I say
Weve got to simplify down!

Avi Landau 2009