Friday, May 01, 2009

Revolving Door- a Song By the TenGooz

There are certainly few songs with such an impressive bass and drum intro.
This is another of our songs which generated out of Hase G`s bass creations. When I first heard him fooling around with what ended up being the opening riff to Revolving Door, I knew we had to turn this into a full song.
This way back, before michael joined us, at a practice session at the Song Cycle Studio in Tsukuba. Luckilly on that day I had my md player running so it was not lost for eternity as have been so many other magical Hase G Bassinalia.

The song took a long while to take its present shape, though the A pattern and B pattern were set pretty much at the first improv session. When michael Frei eventually joined us just after our second Australian tour, he suggested the key change into F, and with that
the shape of the song was finalized. The only trouble was my slowness in coming up with lyrics. When we used this song for the multi-media performance piece- Ki no Ballad, which we did at Capio Hall in Tsukuba, we used the instrumental version of this song as i led some kids around the stage imprivising on various sculpture instruments.
It was at this time that guitarist Thomas Mayers joined us and his special touch gave the song the full quality that it has now.

When recording the album G-Strings I finally stopped procrastinating and put down the lyrics under the influence of having read Joyce`s Finnegans Wake.

Here are the lyrics

Revolving Door

Big Bang clap roar cosmic soup pulls from the shore
Life sky land sea competition birds and bees
Riverrun shore to bend of bay earth revolves another day
Cities rise grow fall nothing new you know Ive seen it all

Its like a big revolving door
Takes you back where you were just were
To what it was like once before

Commodius vicus

Newton`s apple sudden squall
Stockcrash humpty-dumpty`s fall
Buddha Thor Prometheus Amaterasu Atman Zeus
Marzipan matzah dumpling noodles
Baked Alaska sushi strudel
Hunters gatherers city states
Theocracies and Shogunates and more

Its like that ol` revolving door
You up where you were before
And then you go through it once more

Commodius Vicus

Its like that Ol` revolving door
You know Ive seen it all before
We`re back to where we were once were

Avi Landau

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