Thursday, August 26, 2010

Lyric to YOU`VE GOT TO LET IT GO, a new song by The Tengooz- soon t be released

Hello there all you TenGoophiles where`er ye might be!

Sorry for another long period of silence, but a lot has ben happening.
One happy thing I`d like to inform you about is that we ar now at the mixing phase for one of our latest songs, entitled YOU`VE GOT TO LET IT GO!

This is another work which has evloved out of a HaseG (Nodoka Hasegawa) bass riff.

Here are the words:


Its been so long now
since he`s been gone how
come you dont move on ahead

Why must you cling still
to gone-past things will
you never settle back in bed

You pace the floor now
you smile no more how
come you keep acting this way

I know you`ll say its a cliche
but I will say it anyway

You`ve got to let it go
You got to let it go

You`re sticking tight now
with all your might how
come you dont just let it wing

You`ll never last must
you hold so fast just
just like you`re savoring the sting

Just loosen up, unload your cup
you`ve got to lighten up your load

Release the pain, relieve your brain
and it will help you down the road


Avi Landau 2010