Monday, May 31, 2010


Last week our good friend Kin-chan (Kanastuka Hirotaka) passed away after battling a serious illness. He was one of the greatest guitar players of the Tokyo area, if not of all Japan, and The TenGooz are honored to have had him play several gigs ( and even more jam seesions) with us.
We will never forget his unique feeling for music, his charismatic performance on the stage, and his enchanting character. We will sorely miss this outstanding artist, who LIVED FOR THE LOVE OF MUSIC.

Michael Frei

Monday, May 10, 2010

Lyrics to You Know, a Tengooz song from the Facing The Music album

This is another song which gradually generated out of one of Hase G`s bass lines.

Over the months which passed between first conceiving of what the melody line should be,
the idea of what the lyrics should be about germinated in my mind. What eventually emerged
are these words. I am very satisfied with them because everyone I know who hears the song thinks its about THEM.

You Know

You know

but you dont want to think about it

You know

But you dont to have to care

You know

but seems like you`d much rather doubt it

Yes, you know

but you steer clear of the affair

You`ve got lots of other things to occupy your mind

there`s breakfast, lunch, there`s dinner parties

You`ve got good reasons to let your eyes stay blind

so why should you have anything to agitate your mind


Dont Leave Us Hangin` There !

You`ve got lots of other things to occupy your time

your front lawn needs its weekly mowing

you`ve got lots of other things to occupy your mind

there`s that old blockbuster that the cable TV`s showing

You Know

You Know

Dont leave us hangin` there......

words by

Avi Landau

And to hear the inspiration for all this go to this utube link of Hase G ( Nodoka Hasegawa) playing the bass line solo!

Its here: