Thursday, August 20, 2009

Save Tsukuba`s and Japan`s Woods !

Hello there TenGoophiles, wherever you are!
This is Avi, hoping you are having a great summer, or to our fans and friends
in the southern hemisphere, a delicious winter.

The Tengooz are in studio now, working on TEN SONGS, seven of then new.
we hope to have then finished by the end of this month, but who knows.....

Anyone who enjoys the TenGooz music should know that my house, affectionately known as the ICE PALACE , located in the midst of the
splendid NAKANE KONDA-DAI WOODS has had a deep impact on our work, dating back to the XENOPHONIA days.
These woods are now in grave danger of being turned into a motorway and American suburban style housing development.

Please read more of what Ive written about the problem at:


and of course you can check out a related TenGooz classic- Ice Palace at:

If you are concerned about what you read- PLEASE HELP SPREAD THE WORD about what is going on!


Avi Landau