Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Brett back at the Ice Palace,Running into Paddy Moloney

My sincere felicitations to you after another long, unwarranted time away from the blog.
Brett Johnson, sometime Tengoo and, just about the funkiest bass player you are bound to find this side of the international dateline,is back in town,crashing at the Ice Palace.
The last time I was fortunate to be in his company,we were the only other customers in a Greek restaurant besides the Dixie Chicks, and today on my way to hook up with Brett. I ran into another Grammy Award winner(6 times over),Paddy Moloney of the Chieftains! as it is my custom to reread James Joyces Ulysses every year starting mid-may(hoping to finish by bloomsday,June 16). I was carring the thick tome with me when I encountered that other famous Dubliner.Paddy signed my book and actually called out to me during his concert later that night-Hey,get up here New York!
With Brett staying over I never know what to expect! I will keep you posted of any further developements.
On thursday, I will be interviewed by the Joyo newspaper in regard to my work trying to save the birds of Kasumigaura,and tomorrow I will be doing some researrch for an article on The Shibanuma soysauce factory(located about ten minutes away by car) and is the oldest in japan.
if you would like to read any of my recent articles just google my name-Avi Landau, and they will pop up.
Hopefully,we will have some new recordings soon. We have lots of material and just need to get together and do the job.
Sorry to keep everyone waiting.

Thanks for all your support
Avi Landau

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